We’re on a mission to help independent non-profit news organizations develop a useful, informative and trusted sponsor-supported Voter Guide.

Ballotpedia is excited to help your newsroom create a Voter Guide that serves the public interest, and your outlet’s bottom line.

We’re accepting applications from independent, digital-first, local newsrooms to help you develop your own Voter Guide in 2024. After launching in 2023, we are partnering with 20 newsrooms in 2024. Here’s a glimpse at the type of FREE support we’ll offer you:

  • Graphic design and layout support
  • Voter Guide Sponsorship Kit – materials to help you obtain sponsorship for your Voter Guide
  • Voter Guide Implementation Toolkit and Voter Guide Development Training
  • Voter Guide best practices curated from independent newsrooms already creating stellar Voter or Election Guides
  • Candidate lists with candidate contact information
  • Planning and timeline support
  • Staged email series to support your Voter Guide content build-out
  • Effective content and distribution strategies
  • 1:1 support

This project is supported by Arnold Ventures.